Monthly Archives: February 2015

Rod Stewart – She Makes Me Happy (Intermediate Guitar Tutorial)

Only a recent Rod Stewart fan, I thought I would take the opportunity to share a tutorial for one of my favourite songs off of his 2013 album ‘Time’. For me its all about the Bridge in this song – check it out! ‘She Makes Me Happy’ from a guitarist point of view requires tight […]

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Oasis – Wonderwall (Guitar Tutorial)

So today we are going to look at Oasis’ classic ‘Wonderwall’. Every guitarist is just expected to know how to play this so I felt it was about time we covered it. The best tab that I could find for this song (courtesy of is here: Once you have the chord shapes down […]

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Guitar Tutorial – Joe Bonamassa “My Mistake”

Hi, Tom here with another guitar tutorial. Today, I want to have a look at the opening track of Joe Bonamassa’s ‘So It’s Like That’ album called “My Mistake”. I love the acoustic sound on this track in particular – perhaps slightly too scooped at 300hz but that just adds to the whole ‘rock preset’ […]

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Shinedown – Second Chance (guitar tutorial)

Hi guys, Tom here again with another guitar tutorial. ‘Second Chance’ by Shinedown is an excellent song to learn for intermediate level guitarists. With some memorable melodies and interesting chord progressions it requires good groove, precise hand-to-hand coordination and musical feel. To start with you will need a capo (on the 3rd fret) for this […]

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Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud (Tutorial)

So, I always get asked: “Tom, how do I play ‘Thinking Out Loud’ on the guitar? Well, today¬†we’re going to try and answer that question! First of all you’re going to want to check out a recent acoustic session Ed did on YouTube. This video is really useful as you can actually see what the […]

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Introducing: ‘Top 5 songs of the month’ (for beginner guitar)

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To kick off our first top 5 songs of the month (this time for beginners on guitar) I have chosen the following: Passenger – Let Her Go Green Day – Time Of Your Life David Bowie – China Girl Creedance Clearwater Revival – Bad Moon Rising Oasis – Wonderwall Guitar students of mine can find […]

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