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Happy new year from Dragonfly Studios

Happy new year!

Dragonfly is off to a flying start – having had various artists and bands in the studio over the last month (as well as our first Studio Party Experience) 2015 is certainly looking like the year Dragonfly will spread her wings.

A recording microphone set up for external audio recording in a garden

Recent investment money has allowed us to substantially upgrade our signal path with Black Lion Audio modified RME Fireface hardware (www.blacklionaudio.com) and acquire more near-field monitors (a pair of Yamaha NS10s and KRK Rokit GP3s to be exact).

Additionally, more Universal Audio plugins have been purchased for the studio (www.uaudio.com) most notably: Neve 88RS, Ampex ATR-102 tape emulator & API Vision Channel Strip.

In layman’s terms all of this means that not only will recordings sound clearer; we now have at our disposal the professional tools that some of the biggest names in the industry use on a day to day basis.