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Major Studio Overhaul [Part 1]

After several years of day to day use it became apparent to myself (and the team) that we could improve upon the studio facilities considerably with a bit of careful planning.

We brainstormed what might be possible and in November of last year set to work on a complete studio overhaul. We focused mainly on:

  • Room acoustics
  • Sound proofing
  • Space efficiency
  • General aesthetics

The biggest change to Dragonfly in these trans-formative months has been to physically swap the control room & live rooms around. This was no easy feat and involved affixing industrial sound absorbent draping (or theater curtains) to the walls of the live booth and installing a completely new ceiling.

The work has resulted in:

  1. A more spacious and comfortable area for bands/artists to work in the control room
  2. An intimate drum/vocal booth for tight and controlled recording of acoustic instruments
  3. Superior sound proofing (incl. 7 layers of differing density boards & completely new ceiling) throughout
  4. Enhanced acoustics in live booth both with custom cut theater draping & installation of acoustic paneling affixed to the ceiling

None of this would have been possible without the help of some incredibly talented people and so I must therefore extend my personal gratitude to Paul Davis, Jim Alexander, Tim Canessa-Davies, Chris Ibbetson & Mark Evans all of whom have contributed hugely to this studio overhaul in their respective areas of expertise. Thank you!

Please excuse the mobile phone photo uploads but we wanted to give you a sneak peak of what the team have accomplished before we take some proper professional promotional shots in the coming weeks! N.B These are old photos…it actually looks way cooler than this now. Stay tuned!