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Service - best studio ever been to ...attention to detail was second to none. Help, professionalism and overall vibe 10 out 10.

Tom knows what he is doing and doesn't waste any time recording or mixing. On top of his studio expertise, and efficiency from set-up to mix-down, is his musicianship. He is proficient on many instruments and has very discerning ears, all of which makes for a quality product.  

He brings a lot to a project and is quick and easy to work with. Which is all a multi-talented control freak like myself needs!!

Ollie West

It’s always a pleasure to come into Dragonfly studios, a fantastic recording space with great equipment and talented team to match! 


I’d recommend Dragonfly to everyone who’s serious about their music, whether it’s your first time in a studio space or you’re a seasoned recording artist!


Tom has a unique approach to recording and mixing tracks for his clients. As a talented musician and songwriter himself, he is able to bring  expertise to any genre of music presented to him.


He has a finely tuned ear, and unrivalled attention to detail that leads to exceptional and highly polished end results.

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